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Video: Three Questions About the Future of Legal Education—What Are Your Answers?

Alli Gerkman Posted in Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers®, Featured

In October, we had a room full of people abuzz with talk about the present state of legal education and its future. These were educators who are already changing the way legal education happens and practitioners who are already engaging the academy to ensure that legal education matches the needs of the profession. So it’s not a surprise that when we asked some of them three questions about legal education we got some very interesting answers. What are your answers? Tell us in the comments.

  1. What is one thing we could do to improve legal education tomorrow?
  2. Who needs a voice in the discussion about how to improve legal education?
  3. Why does a quality legal education matter?

  • Canada Law From Abroad

    The first thing that legal education needs to do is to embrace Client Relationship Management (CRM) and demonstrating how law can and should be teaching prospective lawyers to listen to the voice of the client in order to craft and implement client centred decisions which are increasingly multi-diciplinary rather than law centric.

    Next realize that the present future for successful legal careers is in developing the competencies to become a “limited legal services provider” in a legal services niche, not a general practitioner.

    Law schools need to embrace the concept of “multi” and integrate other disciplines into legal education.

  • Just saying…

    No matter what content we choose to teach, we must have highly skilled instructors that know how to convey the information in ways that enhance learning. My law school has no guidelines or requirements for guiding / enhancing / assessing quality teaching amongst our faculty. Perhaps this is true of most law schools?