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Bipartisan Merit Selection Effort Officially Launched in Pennsylvania

Malia Reddick
Republican and Democratic lawmakers have introduced a bill calling for a move to merit selection for judges of Pennsylvania's appellate courts. The proposed constitutional amendment would replace partisan elections with a commission-based gubernatorial appointment and senate confirmation process. And, the time may be...

Judicial Candidates on the Ballot in One State, Retirement Age for Judges in Another

Malia Reddick
Pennsylvania is one of at least four states that holds judicial elections in off-years. This November, two candidates competed for a seat on the superior court (an intermediate appellate court) and four appellate judges, including two supreme court justices, stood for retention. Additionally, in New York, voters...

In Pennsylvania, Governor Nominates a New Justice while Another Sitting Justice Faces a Criminal Investigation

Malia Reddick
Governor Tom Corbett nominated superior court judge Correale F. Stevens to fill the supreme court vacancy created by former justice Joan Orie Melvin's resignation following her criminal conviction. At the same time, a sitting supreme court justice is now the subject of an FBI investigation. The investigation is...

Former Pennsylvania Governors Make Bipartisan Push to End Judicial Elections

Malia Reddick
Four former Pennsylvania governors, including two Democrats and two Republicans, joined together in expressing support for a proposal to change the way the state’s appellate judges are selected. A bill introduced in the senate in January calls for appellate judges to be chosen through a merit selection process rather...

State Bar Rates Candidates for Pennsylvania’s Appellate Courts

Natalie Anne Knowlton
The Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Judicial Evaluation Commission has posted the first of its endorsements of judicial candidates, in preparation for the May 21 primary election. The Bar’s review process consists of a questionnaire on the candidate’s legal background, an investigation by a three-member panel, and an...